The Academy Accessories

Here're some extras for good old jolly fun.  To put the backgrounds on your computer, just right click on 'em and choose "Set as Background", or, for more permanent stuff, right click and choose "Save Picture As".  Remember, with an Academy background on your computer, the world is your coconut and you are the milky gross stuff inside!

Favorite Quotes

University Daze

University Daze - The Superpower Saga

A Great Big List of Comic Titles from an ancient contest once held here

Special Editions:

    Special live action comic featuring Tyler Hardman as Roger and Jeff Provine as Spencer.
            Thanks to Rayus Kuplicki for use of his room and photography skills.

     It's gone from really bad animation to really bad CLAYmation!  Woot.

    2009's look at college life.


    Academy Logo Background

    First Academy Background

    Risk Background

    Role-Playing Game Background

Fan Art:

Roger & Ling by Tailspeak of Leftover Soup

    Spencer Meets Carrie and Bo, by Rebecca

    iAcademy, by Kaitlin

    Victorie & Ling, by Laura

    Group Shot, by Laura


    Steampunk Vampiric Were-Mummy.

    Kermit the Frog vs Slenderman in Lightsabers.

Like three peas in a very strange pod.


 Halloween costumes are jolly good fun.





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