The Academy Store

Visit The Academy Store provided by Cafepress.  There's lots of nifty stuff like mugs and hats and bumper stickers and all kinds of random goodies.  You can safely and easily use your credit card there.

I've also got some print-outs I use to make my own t-shirts.  Some guy on a plane to Atlanta thought the math one was neat.  Thought you'd like to know that.

Surrounded by Nerds - Personally, I've always wanted a t-shirt like this.

Math Rules - Show off your enjoyment of mathematics or simple nerdiness.

Ling's T-shirt - Ling may be the nerdiest, but she has a really, really cool shirt.

Custom Comic - A shirt featuring an Academy comic of your choosing.

If you have any special requests for t-shirts, give me a buzz.



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